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A President of the United States. US Senators. US Cabinet Members. Nobel Prize Winners. Notable Economists.

The Economic Club of Sheboygan prides itself on bringing professionals from a variety of disciplines to the area in order the educate the business community on the growing trends and challenges faced in the political, business, and social arenas.


Speakers - The Economic Club of Sheboygan


Dr. Beryl Sprinkel     Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers 1985-89, Reagan Administration

Charles Percy     U.S. Senator - Illinois

Kenneth Haagenson     Director of Public Relations, Allis-Chalmers

Dwight Hightower Partner     Baker Hightower International Law Firm

  1965 William Rothfelder     Chief Economist, Inland Steel

Dr. Pierre Rinfret     Chairman of the Board & Chief Economist

Robin Lowell Moore, Jr.     American writer, author of The Green Berets, The French Connection. Also co-authored the lyrics for the Ballad of the Green Berets

Ernest Baughman     VP & Director of Economic Research

  1966 Dr. Arthur Burns     Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chairman, Federal Reserve Board, 1970-78, Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors, 1953-56